Monday, December 19, 2011

Six more sleeps!

Only six more sleeps to go!
Christmas this year is very different for me. I honestly enjoyed the rushing around and trying to shop after work, scrambling to get that elusive toy for one of the kids. The traffic was always horrendous, and the line ups long as tired sales clerks stuff your goods in a bag. I usually lost my list so I always forgot something, then it was a mad dash back to the store before it closed. But, there was a sense of accomplishment. Exhaustion...even!

Not so circa, December 2011. Now that my school classes are over I have all the time in the world to shop. ( I should be writing but I am on a small hiatus) This morning I rose at 8am, had breakfast and drove to the mall. Absolutely no traffic. Lots of parking. Hit two department stores, the bank, drycleaners and a sporting goods store. I still had my list stuffed in my coat pocket. I could go to the book store and buy all my grandchildren their age appropriate books because I had them on my list. Very pleasant sales associate who was helpful as well. I was done out of my usual rant to the person in line beside me about how rude the sales people are. No, it was all very pleasant. No pushing and shoving, no children crying because they are tired and hungry. Where is the fun in that? It’s only 11.30 and I am now home. The wrapping should take all of an hour and then I am finished except for the knitting.I promised a few people I would knit them a Christmas present, Liz included. I did not say what year they would receive my homespun creations!

And what is with this green Christmas thing? I can’t even complain about the freezing temperatures or the slush and mountains of snow. Sun shining and dry roads. Wheese! Maybe I will leave my grocery shopping until Friday or Saturday and there should be a nice line up at the liquor store by then. I can hear you saying... “Get a life woman”. I know, I know. I am still in a period of adjustment to this retired life.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas however you wish to spend your time preparing for it. Enjoy your time with family and friends and spread lots of good cheer and remember the reason for the season.

Talk soon,

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