Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Here We Come

Tick, tick, tick...the minutes are slipping away faster and faster as 2011 draws to a close.  We live in such a fast paced world and our days ahead seem to get pre-planned with meetings and events and things to do.  More than one person has recently commented that this past Christmas seemed to arrive and depart at break neck speed – not always leaving time to nurture and enjoy the spirit of the season properly.  Although health issues with close friends are a good reminder that we do need to treasure the moment we live in and that blessings that surround us amid  challenging times.

For Jamie Tremain, this past year saw the biggest change with Pam’s retirement and her opportunity to attend writing classes which have benefited us both.  We look forward to Bloody Words2012, held this year in Toronto and are definitely planning on attending! 

Polishing Body Perfect as much as possible is the goal in order to have it appeal to a publisher or agent to work with.  While we do have a second story involving Paul and Dorothy brewing (four chapters and more already) and are anxious to get into some ‘new’ writing, we both feel it is worth investing time and energy into an already well-liked story so that it sells!   We are very grateful to our loyal readers who have read both Madelaine and more recently Body Perfect.  Their feedback and suggestions are taken most seriously and always welcomed.  But if we have entertained any readers with our tales then that is a source of pride for sure.

Pam is planning on joining up with myself and a couple of good friends for lunch today so it will be nice to wish her Happy New Year in person. 

My wish for all of you as we close the door on 2011 and open up 2012 is to count your blessings, be kind to one another and have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!



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