Sunday, September 25, 2011

.....But make time to read this one!

Home again after a weekend of much needed down time.  On Friday I was worried I might not feel well enough for a girls weekend as I had to leave work early Friday morning with a booming headache and some chills.   But getting caught up on some rest and the prospect of time spent with friends helped ensure the get together kept on track.  Four of us hooked up early Saturday and spent a great 24 hours together.  Thanks to Cathy, Donna and Bec for lots of laughs and good discussions!   Two rounds of “Sequence” kept us all in stitches as our two teams sparred for supremacy.  Great fun and hopefully a rematch in the near future!

I also managed to finish reading a wonderful book – “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana De Rosnay, recommended to me by a fellow book lover at work – thanks Maureen!   Normally I find it very difficult to read stories built upon World War II’s inhumanity to the Jewish people,  and this story was heart breaking at times and tears were shed more than once.  But at the same time this is the type of event re-telling which can bring these horrendous experiences to life and give honour to so many lives needlessly lost; I'm glad I read it.    The writer expertly crafts her story by switching time frames from Paris in the present day to Paris of July 1942 and weaves together the lives of young girl Sarah and grown American journalist Julia.  I highly recommend it, but keep some Kleenex handy and at the end of it you may want to read up on the events of Vel d’Hiv.

As well during the weekend I jotted down some notes and thoughts for our upcoming third book, the second centering around Paul and Dorothy. So, fear not Pam, thoughts of our next collaboration are never far away.

Speaking of Pam I see some email from her sitting in my inbox, so I should see what she has been up to; although I’m sorry she wasn’t able to make Word on The Street; I know that’s a favourite event of hers.

Have a great week and make time to read!


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