Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Storm

…and who will blog about it first?  Pam has threatened to post, but perhaps I can beat her to it!

Yes we are both home from work today; I sacrificed a vacation day to play “better safe than sorry”.  Having a commute of more than 50 km on open highway made me decide staying home was the better option.  I visited the weather satellite images quite a lot yesterday and was amazed at the size of the storm system making its way northwards to southwestern Ontario.   I don’t know that we got the accumulation predicted, but its drifting and blowing around in a frenzy so I still feel good that I made the right decision to avoid the highway trek this morning.

Pam, as mentioned, is also at home today.  A mid week ‘bonus’ of sorts for both of us.  I’ll be curious to find out tomorrow how much staff volumes were affected today by this weather system.

Having a “free” day is like starting with a blank page – what to fill it with?  Chores? Reading? Writing? Napping? many to choose from and so little time!   Perhaps a little of each will be the best course.  So having said that, I’ll tackle one chore and then go from there.

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Well enough stalling I suppose..the sooner I cross off at least one chore, the sooner I can settle on more enjoyable activities – hope you are safe and warm wherever you are if you live in this storm’s path.



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