Sunday, February 27, 2011

The case of the missing socks...

I am having a hard time putting my fingers to the keyboard and posting a blog. I am stuck writing a short story and Liz and I can only get together about once a month to revise our books. The stories still rattle around in my head but it is the little nuances that come when you are writing that I am afraid I will have forgotten when I get back to the characters.

I think the problem started when I attempted a short story. I love reading short stories and my favourites are Alice Munro/ 2010 Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and Mavis Gallant ,( she has too many awards to mention), is still writing in a garret or at least her home in Paris. Is this not every artist’s dream to swan around on the Left Bank? She left Canada in 1950 to pursue her need to write and earn a living.

Alice Munro will be 80 this year and Mavis gallant 86. So there is hope for me yet. I have been asked, “Why did you wait until now to start writing?” My answer to that is that there is no right time. This is the right time for me, at least to start putting my thoughts to paper instead of just letting them simmer on the back burner. I have been writing for years but mainly kept it all locked in my head. I have written essays, short stories, novels but mostly in my mind. Now I need to unlock those stories and share them.

My writer friends tell me I need to nap more often. They say nothing beats a 20 min nap to get the two sides of the brain working. I just woke up from an hour nap and I am just cranky and feel like going back to sleep.

If you are wondering about the title of this blog, it refers to something I hate to do. That is, match up a drawer full of black socks. Admit it; your sock drawer is the same unless you are like my husband who actually pins his socks together and even turns them right side out. He has never lost a sock!! So while I had my rejuvenating nap so that I could finish my short story, I handed him a bag of about 40 socks that needed to be matched. What else does a man have to do on a Sunday afternoon while watching “Dead Man’s Walk” by that wonderful novelist, Larry McMurtry? As my husband has seen this movie a few times before I did not feel at all guilty as my nap was a therapeutic necessity! I received back 16 pairs out of the 20 I was expecting. I must dig further for the other odd socks, but after I have finished my story.

Oscar night tonight. I have not seen any of the movies yet but will still offer my opinions and critique all the stars. The best dressed and the worst and "How could she wear her hair that way? etc. Love it. I will be so tired tomorrow as I always stay up until the end. They should start at 6pm.

Liz will be back tomorrow from her vacation so we will chat about when we next get together to finish the Great Canadian Novel.

Talk soon,

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