Sunday, December 5, 2010

The sweater on the left, taken this morning is the same one I wore in June 1965.
Must be some kind of record as it is good as new and no moth holes. A little bit tight around my pleasingly plump rump but other than that its good to go. Mohair is not to my liking now as it's a little scratchy.

I mentioned to Liz as she left work on Friday that I had enough agnst... It is used in English to describe an intense feeling of strife. to choke a horse or to at least write a decent blog.It was the week from hell and Friday was the worst. I am not multitasking as I used to and feel a little overwhelmed. I depend on Liz to bail me out of my techie problems. Very unfair of me as she has her own responsibilites. I must have asked her the same question three times!! One time I saw the steam coming out of her ears and as she percolated away she continued to help me out. It's great to have such a supportive friend and co-author.

One of the reasons for my strife...isn't that a lovely word.. is the fact that I must make the decision to retire next year and for some reason I have mixed feelings about it. I started working in March of 1961 so.....50 years should be enough. No?So what's my problem? You tell me. I will have plenty of time to write and not be quite so tired all the time. See my grandchildren when I want and maybe travel a bit. Maybe it is just thinking that another segment of my life is over. There was the growing up years with four siblings, then the early married years before the children came along. The next twenty or so bringing up the kids and I worked right through it all.

I think what brought this nostalgia and reminiscing about the past was a Christmas card I received from my Scottish friends, Glynis and Alistair. We have been friends since 1961 when Glynis and I worked together. She sent me a picture taken when I was nineteen, the year before I married. See above**
Before you get the impression that I must be a hoarder, that is not the case. I do have a few items that I have hung on to and that sweater is one of them. I looked up the makers name and a wonderful story and a life was in that sweater. The name was Bernat Klein, a wonderful textile designer from Serbia(formely Yugoslavia) who settled in Scotland. He is in his 80's now but was renowned for his Haute Couture designs in the 60's. Who knew I had a Haute Couture sweater in my closet!! Maybe there is a Bernat Klein museum and I can donate it.

Liz was so correct in her last blog about the eating and spending . Especially the eating. I have four lunches this week and numerous buffets will be spread out in the centre. As I walk through numerous times a day I will do my best not to graze. Spread out is the operative word. As for the spending...... Do you think if I told the kids and grandkids that granma is going on a pension, I will now be a senior.......that will make a difference. Of course, then I won't have the pleasure of hunting down the must have gift or seeing the joy of the wee ones opening their presents.

There.... I have said it. Pensioner.. senior. Must look on the positive side and make a list of all the benifits.. If you know of any let me know. Must be hundreds!!!!

The writing has slowed down but will be in high gear come January. A calendar and a plan is in the making.

Supposed to snow today but nothing so far. Hope it clears up by morning as this senior to be does not like driving on slippery roads.

Talk soon,


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