Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is Arriving....

…and so is the eating and the buying and the eating and the socializing.  Did I mention the eating?

I’m just home from a  very nice get together with two long time girlfriends; this was our annual Christmas dinner.  We get together every couple of months, but always ensure we see each other for a good meal just before Christmas.  This time we agreed to abstain from buying gifts and instead just enjoy each other’s company.  We chose Moxie’s as our restaurant and the food was quite good.  I was smart and just stuck to a salad..good choice because it was quite filling!

But, oh the eating!  Today we had a pizza lunch to celebrate some team birthdays; next week will be our team Christmas luncheon and then the following week yet another big lunch for our whole centre.  Then we have the always available candies and treats, of which I am a guilty party.  So what’s my point?   We eat too much!  And then we sit at our desks and in our cars for most of the day.  Anyone see a problem with this?   I haven’t even mentioned the family get togethers over the holidays!  Even as I write this I have a container of chocolate covered almonds at the ready.   I think enough is enough and a change, for myself, needs to be implemented.

Well enough of that topic for now. Also on my list is trying to do something about my procrastination.

November is leaving us on  a wet and dreary note.  We had a brief taste of winter over the weekend, and flurries are in the forecast for tomorrow.  Although I’m not a winter person, I do like to see a good covering of the white stuff for the Christmas season..but after that…be gone!  My apologies to those who love to ski and snowmobile.  I’ll take a compromise if it could be arranged that it snows everywhere but on the roads.  Sounds reasonable, don’t you think?  Well I suppose the weather will be what it will be and we just have to adapt.

And so tomorrow is the first of December and the end of 2010 won’t be far behind.  A time for resolutions perhaps (see above re the eating),  and wondering what 2011 will bring.  I’m sure there will be more contemplation on that the closer we get to New Year’s Eve.

And on top of everything else, all the holiday activities cut into quality writing time!  And you thought I wasn’t going to even mention anything Jamie Tremain related.  Pam and I talked this morning about how difficult it seems to be of late, and how when the New Year starts we must  make a concerted effort to get into a productive routine.  So now  the implied commitment is here in writing for all to see and any motivation or encouragement from our followers would be greatly appreciated!

This has been a bit of a ramble..no apologies.  Now that my dinner has digested somewhat, I think I can say goodnight and



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