Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another blast from the past!

I am on a roll. This is my week for Christmas/New Year cleaning. I know,I know, some of you do that all the time but I have never been accused of being a "housewife" or a domestic goddess. My mother always did the house from top to bottom the weeks before the New Year to clean out all the cobwebs. We could not have a mucky house, so we swept out the old and ushered in the new.

Now take Liz...... She has all her shopping done. And the baking is all in tins ready for consumption. I am sure she has polished the candlesticks and the tree and the house are decorated. Cards have been mailed and her grocery list is just waiting for her to use at the right time.

Now take Pam....... She has no shopping done. Who wants to bake when Cadbury's makes yummy chocolate shortbread and it is much better than mine. I have written some cards but whether anyone will receive them is another matter. It is a hit and miss affair. I prefer to call them New Year cards as that is when everyone will receive them.
The house is not decorated yet as the boxes I asked my husband to bring up from the basement have not appeared. My grocery list is still in the planning stages as one can't rush these things. I have scanned the ads for specials and looked at the discounted wine at the liquor store. You have to have your priorities straight!!

While I searched for the boxes in the basement I found another treasure. Well a treasure to me.
If you were wondering what the picture at the top of the page is all about, wonder no longer.
Does anyone remember going away suits????? No. It goes with the word trousseau. Oh, never heard of that one either. That is when brides would save up clothes for the honeymoon and a going away suit was for changing into after the wedding. Well, I found mine.CIRCA 1966. Imagine, Audrey Hepburn in an orange suit. ( or so I thought myself) Black patent pumps with a grograin bow and a small black patent pill box hat perched on her head. I never had my picture taken with that suit and I am having a hard time imagining myself with a 26inch waist but that is what it was.
Let me know if you are tired of my trip down memory lane. I am having fun with it but you are probably bored to death. I will see if I can dig out a few more treasures from the dark ages.
Liz just emailed to say she has finished chapter four of the ..we hope... final revision of Body Perfect. While I have been doodling around on here she has been working away. When the book is published she probably wants 60-40. Hmm we will see about that.
Talk soon,


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