Sunday, November 14, 2010


I promised not to write about the weather again but it is impossible not to mention. The weather affects my life in so many ways. My moods, what I am going to wear and even what direction I am going for any given day. Let me explain....

Friday night and I was looking forward to an evening with my girlfriends. Changed out of work clothes and glammed up a bit. Nothing fancy. Ignoring the warning.... "It's bad out there" from the resident pessimist I drove off. I had only gone about 400 yards when I realized it was not my implanted cataracts failing me but white tendrils of thick as pea soup FOG. I am terrified of fog. I had heard the weather forcasts but was thinking maybe heavy mist, but no, this was the stuff where you can't see 10 feet in front of you and only see traffic lights when you arrive at them. I made it to my left hand turn onto the main hwy and proceeded to travel at a snails pace. Needless to say lots of cars whizzed by on either side of me.

Usually an optimist and sometimes foolhardy, I decided to head for home instead of 30minutes of nerve wracking, nail biting tension. It took another 20 minutes to find my way but was very glad to make it home. I heard later that I missed a lovely evening. How did they all make it? Must be no fog in their part of the world.

Saturday fared a little better. A planned day in Guelph revising with Liz. It started off with more fog. I dropped my husband off at the local College where he takes an Art class.He was full of dire warnings about the weather. I told you I was foolhardy. It was daylight so...... Well, it took 25 minutes to drive to the 401 hwy that usually takes ten minutes. I could not see to turn around so I decided to go on the hwy and come off at the next exit and try to head for home.

Halleluia, as I drove onto the 401 the sun broke through and no more fog. The rest of the journey was bathed in sunlight and blue skies. Not much traffic.. (they all stayed home because of the fog no doubt). I made good time and arrived at ten when I said I would.

Lovely day in Guelph and very productive. We worked steady for nearly six hours with a break for a lovely omlette lunch. We managed to revise another three chapters and were really on a roll. Cutting and adding and rearranging a few details and when we finished we were well pleased. Liz has her work cut out for her with the rewrite while I will continue with a different synopsis adding a few more details.

We have not given ourselves a deadline but if we can get together every few weeks we can make better progress.

My reading these last few weeks has been mainly magazines such as "The Writer" and "Poets and Writers" looking for contests that we could enter. Lots out there so I will follow up with those. Hope to pick up a couple of books this week. Mary Jane Maffini , a delighful and funny lady I met at Bloody Words is very prolific and has three series in print. Fiona Silk, Camilla MacPhee and Charlotte Adams. Check her website for more details.
Another is R.J.Harlick with her Meg Harris mysteries. R.J's latest is "Artic Blue Death" and she has a new one in the spring of 2011 called "A Green Place for Dying" Check them out.

Busy week ahead at work but plan on writing at least two or three evenings.
Weather today is typical November weather. Dreich as they say in Scotland. It says it all but as long as there is no fog I will take dreich any day.

Talk soon,

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