Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congratulation's Liz!

Liz is back but not up and running yet with the books. The first day back at work she was given a promotion. I wonder if I took some time off that would happen to me?? Liz received a well deserved kick upstairs to the sixth floor and is now training her replacement and learning her new job and still emptying boxes. I am sure she will be settled soon and knowing the way Liz works, she will have Mastered the new job in no time. Congratulations Liz. I will miss you but you will not miss me asking you a million questions all day regarding the computer.

Saw my Christmas Angel Ryan today. I held him in my arms for about an hour while he made funny faces and slept. Just beautiful. Everything in miniature . No eyebrows or lashes, long fingers and the cutest little button nose that is so tiny. Oh I could go on all day about him. He has gained about 5 ozs so he is now 3lb 9ozs. I wanted to dress him but of course they would have to be sized for a doll.

Weather miserable and rainy and cold and windy. I should hit the stores for some shopping but may wait until next w/e. Last minute person I am.

Sorry, nothing to report on the writing front but the New Year is not far off and we can get going again.

Talk soon.

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