Monday, October 6, 2008

Restructure and Reality

Spent Sunday in the beautiful town of Stratford. On the river Avon of course . It was too lovely a day to sit at home and worry about the economy and the elections. With winter just around the corner my husband and I took advantage of the weather and a chance to visit this Festival city.

Now I have never been a student of Shakespeare but I can appreciate the influence he made to all forms of artistic endeavors. Books and plays and films in abundance have been made of his work and everyone knows some saying or other attributed to him. We drove through the village of Shakespeare before we entered Stratford where theatres are many and restaurants are named after Characters in his books. Housing districts are aptly named Hamlet ward or Falstaff and my favourite area is the Avon ward. Did I tell you I would like to live there? I could finally learn to ride a bike and cycle to my favourite book store. Visit one of the many coffee or tea shops and after a brew cycle down to the Avon and feed the swans. Cycle home and write all afternoon. Perhaps in the evening take in a show at the nearest venue and pretend I know all about the Bard.
Is that not a lovely dream?

Back to reality and both Liz and I had a surprise at work today. That dirty word, restructure reared its ugly head again. Not sure what it means to us, but we will wait it out and work harder to get our literary endevours printed soon.

The final edit is underway by my illustrious other half. I suppose this means he will need acknowledgement in the credits. I have read over Liz's revisions in chapters eight , nine and ten tonight and I am not sure Peter will have much editing to do.

Talk very soon,


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