Saturday, October 4, 2008

My in-house Editor

Good morning all,
Time to put the head down and get this baby finished. I have given seven chapters to my in- house editor AKA Peter , my husband. I have asked him to edit the last manuscript before it is sent off. I will have to crack the whip as he is usually slow as molasses but he has told me he will start tonight.

I think fresh eyes are needed as it is very tempting to fiddle with things so Mrs L if you are not too exhausted with your babysitting duties and the gruelling week at work , well you know what is needed. I have narrowed down three agents to contact so cover letters and queries will be my job this w/e.

It is an overcast day but not too cold and I am patiently waiting on two grandsons visiting today. The wash is on and the soup pot bubbling away. It's that kind of weather where comfort food is needed. Maybe even put the fire on. I am reading a book by Maureen Jennings, a Toronto writer and really enjoying it now that I can see properly. Wednesday of this week saw me at the eye clinic for some Laser. I had what they call floaters around the cataract and in ten minutes they were zapped out and I was in work by 10.30am. Truly amazing what they can do and I am glad they can.

Met for coffee last night with two girlfriends, one of whom is waiting on her offer of buying an old farmhouse on three acres outside of Kincardine. Kincardine is where Liz and I went to work on our book and get a handle on our writing. I hope it works out as then we can have somewhere to visit on Lake Huron. Maybe she can rent us rooms as a writers retreat!!!

Soup smells good. Red pepper and squash. Very seasonal, I hope it tastes as good as it smells.

Talk soon.


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