Friday, October 17, 2008

Hunting down an agent

Another horrendous week at work for both of us. Cramming five days work into four. We are working on a presentation for the department we work with and at least we get to work together,but its tempting to just sit and brainstorm for our writing.
Liz is off on vacation for a few days well earned rest next week so I have been cracking the whip, OK nagging her, to get a few more chapters edited before she goes.

My list of agents is getting longer. It is a tricky business and how do we know it will be a good fit? The query letter to push our story has to be just right.Of course with an agent who is already representing the same Genre. I quite enjoy the research and one of the tips I received was to follow up with an author I like and try and get their agent to represent us. Although there are quite a few drawbacks to the fact that there are two of us,....I guess Liz will want half of what we earn... we feel it is an advantage. As in two heads are better than one. It helps that Liz and I are our own best critics. We have not come to blows yet or even harsh words. If something needs changing or adding we speak up and discuss it. Because the other has seen the issue in a different light and knows intimately the story, It is usually right.

The evening darkness is coming around faster now and the temp. has dropped. We are expecting frost tonight but sunny days all w/e. I should wash my windows while I still have the energy and before it gets too cold.
I could talk to you here about the Canadian election or the monetory woes of the world but I won't. I am not conversant regarding either. My only opinion regarding the election is that we have a Tory government again, albeit a minority and it does not please me much. That's all I will say about that. The Financial disaster is global so misery likes company. Scarey times. I just hope people will still want to buy a good read when they are feeling the pinch.

Right after Halloween, my least favourite holiday of the year, we have the election from the excited States of America. All eyes will be looking south to see which leader will take them into 2009. Even with all their problems they are still a very optimistic crew. Time will tell.

Until things settle down around the world, and it may be longer than we hope for, Christmas may be more subdued. Roll on 2009 as I predict it will be a good year for Liz and I so look out for Jamie Tremain in a bookstore near you.

Enjoy your w/e.

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