Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mixed Bag

A rainy, cool, autumn day. A day when it just seems appropriate to be enduring a fever, aches, and chills. Tis the time of year when nasty colds, coughs, and other related ailments make their re-appearance after a summers' hiatus - or so it seems! Came home yesterday and got out of the car. A turtle would have made it to the front door faster than I did! Everything hurt - from the roots of my hair to my toe nails. Eventually I managed a few hours sleep, alternating between teeth chattering chills and blanket tossing heat waves. Felt better when I awoke this morning and decided to go to work...well by the time I got there, the fever was back and so I finally packed it in about 1 oclock...came home and slept some more. Feeling slightly better right now, so will try and have a bite to eat.

As Pam mentioned, this week at work we received word of a work restructure, or "realignment", nothing really new in the industry we are in, but the way it is handled often leaves one scratchng one's head! Buzz words abound, "scoping" new opportunities; "moving forward", and my personal favourite - staff will be "liberated" - Conjours up pictures of emaciated staff chained to a desk, endlessly toiling with no relief in sight! And of course, management will do their best to "redploy" those affected. Are we talking military campaign or downsizing?

Very hard to stay positive with some of these changes, although Pam and I are focusing on our own personal "liberation" - get published!

So if I continue to feel a little more with it this evening, I shall turn my attention to some more revising - ever closer to that final draft ready to be sent out to the world of literary agents, editors, and publishers.

Onwards and upwards!


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