Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wishful Thinking

One more day of slogging away at my paid job and then its vacation time. One week is not very long but i'll take it. This is my favourite time of the year as the evenings are cooler and the daytime temp is comfortable. Not that I get outside all day.Liz and I seem to work in a sweatshop by the way we account for our days. Our Department is on the move again and by the end of September we will be back where we came from. Never a dull moment.

Gave two more chapters to Liz today that I had edited and made small revisions. I am not finding much in the third draft to change so keep your fingers crossed that this is the final editing. We are quite happy with the story and the outcome and hope you all think the same.

Liz is taking a breather while I am away next week. What with being swamped at work and the house up for sale and now she has learned of the death of an old friend. So we will regroup when I return and see how far we have to go and get the manuscript ready to send out.

My trip to Detroit will take about five hours so I should be able to get a few chapters under my belt while we are traveling. I am not taking my laptop with me so no blogging from me next week. The weather forcast says 80-82 degrees and cool at night. I hope I see some changes in the colour of the trees as that is what September is all about.

Will blog on my return with the third draft near completion. Wishful thinking.

Monday is Labour Day in Canada so I hope everyone here enjoys their day off work.


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