Thursday, August 21, 2008

"BLOG!" she said.... Blog I will (am?). Pam's commanded suggestion to me as the work day was wrapping up.

Almost the end of another work week and both Pam and I are becoming increasingly frustrated with lack of both time and motivation to focus on Madelaine. Demands at work and home seem to take their toll and leave us exhausted by day's end.

Tomorrow sees us bid adieu to a good friend where we work, someone I've worked with for almost 10 years! She is staying with the bank but taking a position closer to home, which will allow her to walk to work if she desires - goodbye 54 km trek on the highway twice a day! I'll miss you Linda!

I'm hoping for a quiet weekend with some writing time, I just have to wrap up the end of Chapter 18, 19 and the epilogue to say that the second draft is done! Pam has been making some changes on the third draft, but I don't dare start in on it until I feel I can have closure on the second one. So my goal is to get to that point before Monday! Until then, Pam may take a stab at drafting some query letters to prospective agents.

Almost the end of August and there is a hint of autumn in the air, leaves are already taking on their seasonal change of wardrobe. I really love the fall! But don't like what it portends- brrrrrr!!

Hope your weekend will be a good one - Cheers!


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