Saturday, August 23, 2008

Madelaine - DRAFT #2 - Finished!

I managed to get through the rest of Chapter 18, all of 19 and the epilogue today!!! A hard day's work spread over a few hours. Unfortunately Pam is having computer woes and can't access her Word program to open up the revisions! So I guess she will have to take my word for it, that its done. Which of course means, Draft #3 is up next!

A very warm and humid day here maple tree out front is quickly shedding multi coloured leaves! I fear the tree has seen better days and may have numbered days if the city sees its bare branches and sparse foliage.

And now I think I will treat myself to settling in my pj's and grabbing my latest book - "No Place Safe" by Richard North Patterson, and if I fall asleep after a couple of pages, then that's perfectly fine.

Halfway through the weekend - if only the work days would go this quickly - grrrrrr!!


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