Monday, August 4, 2008

Liz is nearly up and running but Ron is not!

Had word this am that the other Jamie Tremain is almost up and running. At least she has a new hard drive. Now she has to program it or whatever she needs to do to communicate with the world. You can tell I am a techi person with all the lingo I use. Hurry back Liz. You have been gone toooooo long.

I have spent the better part of today in the emergency with son # 2. 30 years old but still needs his Mummy. Party time at Alqonquin park and some fooling around has resulted in either a broken foot or ligament problems. He has been in the emergency now for six hours and waiting on an orthopedic surgeon. I could have left a couple of hours ago but my writer's curiosity kicked in as I pretended to read a magazine and listened to many tales of woe. It is a strange bond these people have as they poured out their ailments and compared war wounds. When you get into hour three, people talk of the most intimate things and bit and pieces of lives are bared to complete strangers.

All good fodder for my folder on interesting characters. Lets hope than Ron's foot is not too serious and is home soon and all is right with Liz's world and we can hear from her soon.

Back to work tomorrow but it's a short week. Jamie Tremain will be back in business and our third draft will soon be ready for ....the world.


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