Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crumbling walls and a "Spiffy" haircut.

The house has been built but now some of the walls are crumbling. To shore them up, Liz's job has to get back to normal. Is that possible?Then the house will sell at the price they want with no more open houses and by a miracle her computer can be fixed instead of the need for a new hard drive.

When Liz came to work Friday she could hardly utter the words. "My computer crashed" Fortunately she had saved our writing on a USB hard drive but not her photo's. One of those things we always mean to do. Hopefully a technician can retrieve them for her.

A short hiatus was in order with the writing as I had some family obligations myself and we were just getting frustrated with halfhearted attempts to discuss our progress.

Until we get back on course with the revision and final draft of Madelaine I have an opportunity to organize myself. My books and papers are everywhere so I have sent Peter to pick up a floor to ceiling bookcase for my office. I am supposed to part with a few books but it's very hard. Its akin to book burning in my mind. I will also give some thought to the continuance of "Body Perfect" as both Liz and I are very excited about the way that this book has come together.

On a personal note, my youngest grandson has just had his third birthday. "Happy Birthday Damian" He won't be our baby much longer as another wee Blance is due in January. Baby #5.
Heeding advice from my friend Bertha(She is 92 and fashion maven) she told me I was letting myself go and needed to spruce myself up and get a "spiffy" haircut and make it my signature.
Well, either the new hairdresser did not know what "spiffy" meant or he was in a hurry for a Friday night date. My hair is not much different from what I walked in with and I was $55.00 lighter. I am such a coward. I said it was ok , paid up, gave him a tip but now I am wishing I had spoken up and insisted on getting what I wanted. Next time.

What else can I do to spiffy myself up??? Your answers to that question are of paramount importance and I look forward to your suggestions. Within reason.

I have a sign on my office door that I attach when I don't want to be disturbed.
It's says "Calea Sona". It means "quiet haven" in gaelic.That is what I need to write. Absolute quiet.
I am sure it won't be long until we are back on track and will start to send "Madelaine" off to prospective agents or publishers.


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