Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's In a Name???

And we need your assistance!

This afternoon Pam and I spent a few hours in beautiful, picturesque Elora, where we attended the
Elora Writer’s Festival

Six published authors read from their works. There was
Edeet Ravel, and Helen Humphreys, whom I really enjoyed. Also reading were Diane Flacks, Laurie Gough, Jacob McArthur Mooney and Rio Youers.

Afterwards we went for a quick coffee to discuss, of course, OUR books. Madelaine is being re-typed and hopefully will have the finishing touches very soon! And that is where we would like YOUR input!

All along we have been calling the story “Madelaine”, but its never been a satisfying title to me. Objectively, if I were browsing book titles, I think I’d be passing it by! However, the challenge is to come up with a good title. And believe me when I wake up at 2 a.m. and can’t sleep, that’s what I’m focusing on – and it generally works better than counting sheep!

Some of you have been following the story as we have been writing it, for others this little synopsis might help to inspire a title, other than just “Madelaine”

Madelaine Green is a single, independent thirty-something, She owns her own successful business in Virginia, and the only dark cloud on her horizon is the failing health of her mother.

Until she meets Raphael, an artist - among other things - and then her life is turned upside down. He is charming and seems to be all that Madelaine could have wished for, capturing her heart and imagination. But then two more men enter her life and she must decide who to trust and who to believe, while she battles self doubt and learns her childhood had its own secrets.

When her own life, and the life of a man she cares very much about, are threatened, decisions must be made, and a story unfolds about a past she never knew she had.

If you have the perfect title, we’d love to hear it! And IF it should end up being used, you will have credit for it! You can leave your suggestion as a comment – no ID required! – or email either Pam or myself and let us know.

And now its time to start thinking about work again, and even as I do that, the twitch under my eye is back! It was quiet most of the weekend, having been almost non stop for nearly two weeks!

Have a great week and look for Pam’s own blog update soon!


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