Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

My goal is to write something everyday but life sometimes gets in the way. Yesterday was very unproductive with a weather induced headache that I could not shake. Today the weather is not much better and it is gloomy and overcast but everything is relative. Compared to the American Midwest flooding and the latest typhoon to hit the Philipinnes we have been let off lightly.

This past week I have been rereading the chapters that Liz has been revising. She is at Chapter seven and doing a super job. She has found a program that we will use to send our chapters back and forth and communicate easier. Well, easier for some as I take a bit longer to learn something new when it is technology driven.

I was very bold this last week and wrote to Louise Penny. She is a Canadian author that we both admire and have mentioned before.When she offered in one of her books to help new writers as she had been helped I took her at her word. Very cheeky. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
I heard back from her within the hour and she very graciously said she would read three chapters, time permitting. You could not keep the smile off my face.
So the plan is to polish those first three chapters and ship them off to her. Stay tuned for an update on that.

Liz and I hope to get away again next month for a w/e to do what we hope will be the last revisions. There is also a two day writers workshop at Humber College I want to look into as the subject is "How to deal with Editors, Publishers and agents "and also how to market your books. It's expensive but maybe we can write it off as an expense??

Today my husband and I are travelling up to Barrie to visit my daughter and her boys to celebrate her 30th birthday. It is a very strange feeling having all of your children over the age of 30. Yes, do the math. But I was a child bride!!!

I will get back to reading and revising tonight before I get myself sorted out for the week ahead and planning my weeks vacation the 1st week in July.


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