Monday, May 1, 2023

Family Vacation Time - Gulf Shores Alabama

 April 30 2023

The Lindsays are blessed to be a clan who love to hang out with each other. Past family trips have included a trip to Virginia Beach in 2015 and the best time ever when all but one of us were able to have a fantastic week in Cuba in 2019.

Family plus friends Virginia Beach

Family in Cuba

Then we all know what happened the following year. Never mind a family trip, not even a visit for weeks and months!

So when the opportunity arose for us to take a road trip in 2023 it was full speed ahead! 10 adults,4 teenagers and 2 dogs. Oh, and of course, Mary Blue Eyes!  She manages to accompany us on most trips and family events.

Smiles generated courtesy of a "sunjabs" memory.

We decided on a locale that none of us had been to before, to make memories that would be new to each of us. We settled on a 2 acre rental property in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. More specifically, located in Fort Morgan, Alabama. A wonderful Mediterranean influenced 4 bedroom home, with 2 smaller guest cottages on the property. Perfect for our group. While we weren't on the Gulf of Mexico, we did have a spectacular water view of Bon Secour Bay, which is part of Mobile Bay. Pelicans by the dozens and a pair of beautiful herons were on view constantly. No alligator sightings, but there was a dolphin at the end of our dock, and slithering at the base of a palm tree, a small snake, ugh!

A pool and oversized, screened in lounge area on the dock, with an outdoor fire place made for the perfect family evenings.

We arrived at the tail end of a monstrous thunderstorm, but for the rest of the week enjoyed a beautiful sunny week, with a well deserved day at Orange Beach, where we enjoyed the sights of the Gulf of Mexico.

Another outing was to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, which I unfortunately had to pass on because my deteroriating hips wouldn't have dealt well with crawling around a submarine or decks of the battleship! Those who went were impressed by the facility and I was disappointed to miss out on this excursion.

And of course there was a theme park day at Tropic Falls for those who love the thrills of roller coasters and/or lazy river meanderings. Another pass for moi.

All too soon it was time to leave, but we had earlier made plans for a side trip on the way home for most of us. Gettysburg, PA.  I'm so glad we did. It was far too brief - basically a drive through, but it whet our appetite to see more. So we have tentative plans to return for a three day visit this fall.

Not a statue

This is a statue - one of hundreds!

All in all, another amazing family vacation with tremendous memories filed away. I'm still working through photographs - thank goodness for digital pictures - can't imagine dropping off 2 dozen, or more, rolls of film to be developed! Only to probably discard three quarters of the results.

My personal count now of American States I've driven through stands at 16. We hadn't travelled across the border in a few years and I have to admit to a small level of nervousness and anxiety. But now having broken the travel drought, I look forward to a smaller trip back to Gettysburg.

As noted in Jamie Tremain's May 1 Newsletter Pam has also been travelling. She crossed the pond to visit relatives in England and Scotland and should be back on home soil by the end of this week. No doubt she will have travel tales to share later as well.

What about you? Summer is fast approaching - do you have travel plans? We'd love to hear about them, or about a favourite place you long to return to?



p.s. This is Mary Blue Eyes - she bugged me to be included properly!


Kathleen Kaska said...

This looks like such a fun trip!

Liz said...

It was, Kathleen, thank you! Family means so much and to be part of one who truly enjoys each other's company is a huge blessing. Can't wait for the next one. :-)


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