Monday, June 30, 2008

" Kilts and Clover"

I am not much for vacations as I get too restless for the beach and then too tired for all the walking, looking at tourist attractions. I am never too tired for shopping or finding new and interesting restaurants and pubs though. That is what I did today. After two days of utter and complete slothfulness I was raring to go. Peter and I took ourselves off to Port Dalhousie a short drive from St Catherines about an hour from our home in Oakville. That was after I had checked out the sales for a new pair of sandals. I can't resist 40% off.

You are wondering what all this has to do with writing? Well ,I find everything I do now is with an eye to finding a new character that I can use , if not in what I am writing now, but for some future book or article. And I was not disappointed.
Port Dalhousie is a lovely small port that has lots of beautiful boats in it's harbour. A long pier with fishermen catching all look the same to me, and then throwing them back. I guess they are waiting for the big one. This is a holiday town and people were there from all the neighboring cottages or like us , just there for the day. A carnival had been set up near the beach and the vendors were doing a brisk trade plying cotton candy and popcorn. They have one of the oldest carousels in existence for 5c a ride.

We had decided to take a picnic and I had dutifully packed sandwiches and washed a bag of cherries but.......... oh the smell of chicken wings and fish and chips and all the stuff I had vowed to stay away from. I rationalized that I was on my holidays after all and how could I deprive my beloved a fat burger that he so obviously wanted with the blue cheese melted on the top. I caved and had a pound of chicken wings washed down with two beers. I have never had two beers in all my life but they went down a treat as it was very warm.
Ordering our repast on the patio of a very old pub that had a new name of "Kilts and Clover"?? we were seated next to the future characters for...I don't know what.

The main street had loads of new restaurants and pubs and lovely art and clothing stores. The new pubs were busy stocking up for the festivities tomorrow, Canada's Birthday. Bikers were roaring up main street that you see in nearly all small towns in Ontario. Lots of character's there! Wonder if they would like to be interviewed? Hmmm Maybe not.
You will have to wait until I write about these two I met today. About my age , maybe older. Very chatty and I could not ascertain if they were a couple or not. They lived in St Catherines so they told us all about it. Friendly and outgoing and they liked their beer too. Maybe thats why neither of them was bothered that they hardly had a tooth in their heads!!. That's all I am going to tell you about them.

On the way home we stopped at a drug store as I wanted to check my Blood Pressure . Recently it has been somewhat elevated. Lo and behold it was under the normal level and I am convinced it was those two beers I had and not the medication I now have to endure.

Working on the first three chapters to fine tune them before I send them off to Louise Penny for critiquing. Liz continues her revising and is at chapter 10 and it doing a super job along with lots of other responsibilities this week. Take it easy Liz.

Talk soon and look for more characters to emerge from my vacation.


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