Sunday, June 1, 2008


A week has past since we started the revisions on "Madelaine" while we were in Kincardine. I have managed to read to Chapter 19 making notes and suggestions along the way and then passed them to Liz who is doing the typing of corrections and adding her own revisions. There were lots of little things to change at the beginning and we also changed some names for better flow but I have found very little to correct. Liz did a stellar job when we had to change the timeline of one section and spent many nights revising.

It can be tedious but I have to say I am still enjoying the story and hope the reader thinks the same. The big thing with Ms Lindsay right now is the title of the book. I will always call it Madelaine but I see the point that it tells you nothing about the book and we need to find something that will catch the readers eye. We look forward to your suggestions.

A year ago I went to the Elora Festival with my husband and was excited enough to make some attempts at this journey of writing. Today, as Liz mentioned there were six very accomplished authors and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I, however could not hear a thing they were saying. Talk about frustration. New batteries in the hearing aids made no difference so I sat and scribbled a short story while Liz was laughing her head off about some witty remarks or a section of someones masterpiece.@#$%^

I will start revising the second round of the book when Liz is ready to release them to me. It seems to be the only way we can do this. I am missing Dorothy and Paul/ Body Perfect but it is better to concentrate on one book at a time as we finish.

Looking forward to any comments and suggestions regarding the Name change.


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Caroline said...

title for Madeleine.... Sins will out. Referring to both her father's past and Rafael's secret background.