Saturday, April 19, 2008

To clean or loaf, that is the question!

The last block of ice has melted from the park opposite my home. Summer temperatures have plopped themselves down on us and we are now basking in 20-24 degrees. It is great to see all the birds back and our friendly neighborhood chipmunk came right onto the deck last evening. They are beautiful creatures and very friendly. Looking for nuts of course. One of them must have spread the news that you can get chopped almonds laid out by my husband, at nine dollars a container!!!just for looking cute.

Worked on Madelaine this week and sent my offering to Liz. It's slow going as I am being careful of the accuracy and timing of events so that means reading and re-reading chapters to get my facts straight. Liz is working on Body so I am hoping to receive her writing soon. Next Saturday we will be at the Workshop "revising and re-writing" and we are looking forward to learning the next process in our journey in storytelling.

Having a very lazy morning and I am on my third cup of Java. Read all the doom and gloom in two newspapers and kept the best stuff to the end. I love the book reports and reviews and enjoy the housing sections. The house is quiet and I have all the windows open and it is heaven. Peter is at his college class in oil painting (or rather acrylics) the schools do not allow solvents. This is his last class and one more all day workshop before he gets his certificate. I am prejudiced but I think his work is super. I must remind him that I would like him to illustrate the book covers.

I am arguing with myself about how I will spend my day. Should I continue to loaf around or clean and do a wash. As I am not cooking today,( we are visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Barrie, so dinner is taken care off) so it is really not much of an argument. Yes, the dirty clothes and dust will still be there tomorrow. Glad that's settled.

I have started a short story to enter a contest for the "Elora Writers Festival" that takes place the first Sunday in June. Only managed a few pages so far so while I am waiting on "Body Perfect"to be sent by Liz I will try and finish what I started. Everyone has the same title and it is called "Harvest of Words".

Enjoy the good weather.



Caroline said...

Might not be relevant for this site but I wish you'd post some of Peter's stuff somewhere for us to see. Glad to read the class doesn't use solvents. I know more than most what that stuff does to a person, as you know.

Caroline said...

oh, and let's see your entry for the short story competition too?