Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Three Pines!!

I have been trying to add a picture to the blog today as I can't be outdone by Mrs Lindsay and I am @#$%^&*( or frustrated. I finally got it on but could not add any words. Of course I never read directions and that could be the reason why, so this may be in two parts. Hey, I managed to fix it. Write before you add the picture!

These are the three magnificent pines that I look at from my bedroom window. The Three Pines that I am referring to are from Louise Penny's books as they all take place in a place called, yes "Three Pines" You will have gathered by now that we are both great admirers of her work.

This morning I revised chapter 17 and rewriting 18 is a work in progress. I also want to start doing the summary of "Body Perfect" That I am sure will take me the better part of the week.

I have been sitting by the fireplace all day writing . Thank goodness for laptops as it is very cosy sitting here looking out the window at the sun making shadows on the snow.

I had better make the most of the time I have left as my son and two boys that are careening down hills on a tobaggin as we speak, will be here soon for a bowl of Granma's potato and bacon soup. Dripping slush and wet mitts. Isn't winter grand?


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