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Blog-Letter August 2022

 August 1 2022

And time keeps speeding by! How can this be August already? Calendars are full of family events, holidays, and much more. But there are a few special days which aren't quite as well known.  Read on to learn more - plus psssst! Something is afoot in Grant's Crossing!




Pam - Summer Book Fair

A 45 km drive in brilliant sunshine was what I needed on Sunday the 10th of July. Anything to do with books and my radar is on alert. My GPS took me on all the back roads and I was not disappointed with the scenery.

 This is a new event put on by Eerie River Publishing

They advertise as a Dark Fiction Publisher.  On their card… Bringing nightmares to life one book at a time. They publish horror, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, dark sci-fi, dark fiction and other delights.

Now, these are not my genre, either to read or write, but books are books and I had to see for myself the wonderful location they had picked for their first event. The location was on the grounds of West Avenue Cider House  in Freelton, Ontario. 


This cider distillery is new to me but it has been here since 2012. Surrounded by heritage orchards. I visited the Cider house, tasting room and farm store. What is not to love?

As I wandered from booth to booth I marvelled yet again at the friendliness I always feel in the company of other writers. They are a generous lot. I’m sure they were glad of the tent canopies covering their tables as it was scorching hot.


I introduced myself and of course, after taking one of their cards I offered Jamie Tremain’s bookmark. 

There was something for everyone. Many of the genres mentioned above, along with a few mystery writers, and lots of children’s books, which is a good sign. Children reading books means adults who will read books! Romance, self-help and Inspirational books were evident along with memoirs.

I didn’t stay for the readings as I was beginning to wilt. I don’t do well in the heat. I hope it was a successful day for the authors. They had a good turnout as the parking lot was full.

Perhaps JT will have a table next year. 


Oh yes, I did buy one book in a genre I liked and then had a glass of cider to cool off.


Book Review (and more) - from Liz    

The Portable Nine

By Pete Mesling

The Portable Nine, and their foes, make for an unforgettable cast of characters. You be the judge if they’re criminals or saviours as they assemble under their leader and criminal mastermind, Davenport - aka the Mad Marksman of Malta - for a revenge-driven mission. Reminiscent of an Oceans 11 type escapade but with deadlier outcomes.  

Their primary foe, the Black Phantom, is a worthy adversary who is often one step ahead of them. Can Davenport fully trust the other 8 members of the Portable Nine as they embark on what could well be their last assemblage? Are they past their prime, or ready for the challenge of taking down a villain?

Open the cover of this book and get to know members of The Portable Nine, with monikers such as The Butcher, Twitch Markham and Dr. Intaglio. All of them possess their own unique skill sets which are needed as the tale unfolds.

Mesling’s marvellous character descriptions and globe-trotting locales lent an air of sensuality to the whole story. I eagerly anticipate the sequel!



The Dog Days of August include these Just For Fun days. 

Aug 1 -7 International Clown Week (political commentary unnecessary)

Aug 13 - International Left-Handers Day (or as I like to say, everyone is born right-handed, but only we who are left-handed are able to overcome it)

Aug 17 - World Honeybee Day  (let's not forget how vital honeybees are to our very survival!)

And here's a little more on the 10% of the population I belong to (and I am unique in my family, no one else shares the trait with me! Who's with me?):


Sinistrophobia is the fear of left-handedness or things on the left side

Not all 'southpaws' are 100% left-handed. I can attest to that because I cannot use left-handed scissors for the life of me!  I once tried using a left-handed keyboard and thought I would have a stroke. For most things I have adapted quite fine, thank you, to a right-handed world. I actually find it beneficial for the time I spend at my desk, I can 'mouse' with my right hand and use my pen in my left hand at the same time. Very useful for  when I'm editing and need to make notes. 

I did have a Grade 5 teacher who tried her hardest to have me learn to write, right. But my parents put an end to that, although they insisted I learn to write neatly and not have my pen-holding-hand curve inwards over the paper.

And, yes, (here's where I eye-roll) during the 1600s, left-handers were thought to be witches or warlocks.Although there are days... 

But like everything else in this world, being a little different is what adds to our diversity, because, truly, if we were all alike - how boring!


We were thrilled to be featured as an Authors Interview on The Bookshelf Cafe News  earlier this month.


The third book in our Grant's Crossing series - Acting Off-Script - has been read by our tremendous Beta Readers and is now undergoing the editing process. Another super cover has been designed by our award-winning illustrator, Jennifer Gibson, and we are planning a release date by month's end or early September. Stay tuned!

And of course with the release of a new book, what does that mean for Jamie Tremain? Why the start of another book. We're returning to Portland, Oregon, with Dorothy, Max, HB and other characters from the Dorothy Dennehy Mystery series. Two chapters are already done, so we're off and running!

We'd love to hear from you about a favourite character in either series. What makes them your favourite?

Happy August and Cheers!

Pam & Liz



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Gloria Ferris Mystery Writer said...

Some exciting news on your own book front! And, thanks for the review and recommendation on a new read. Sounds exciting!

Liz said...

Thanks, Gloria - we are working through the edits and getting closer to a release date!

I think you'd enjoy The Portable Nine.

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