Saturday, July 31, 2021


 July 31 2021

Oh, and a Contest for You!

It’s true – time flies when you’re having a good time.

Pam and I returned from a marvelous three day writing retreat yesterday. We were fortunate to rent a very comfortable cottage for a much needed time away to devote to writing, and all things Jamie Tremain.

On the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay -  Wasaga Beach, we enjoyed sunshine and quiet. AND NO INTERNET! That might have been the best break of all. The raucous calls of blue jays and crows a welcome relief from fire truck sirens and other city sounds. We enjoyed the antics of small, but feisty, red squirrels giving chase to their larger grey, and black, cousins. Chipmunks aplenty would have entered our screened gazebo with minimal encouragement!

Even a spell of rain didn’t dampen our spirits, as we could still sit outside under protection.

Wasaga Beach - Georgian Bay

Home for a few Days

So what did we actually accomplish? For starters, a new storyline is in the works for Dorothy Dennehy and her team. As well as the beginnings for a third book in our new Grant’s Crossing series. Our goal is to have Grant’s Crossing – Death on the Alder published by October of this year.

With social gathering restrictions eased, Pam has been doing what she does so well – promoting! She has successfully introduced our Dorothy Dennehy Mystery  series to residents of the condo where she lives. Among the comments: “Oh, I really think they (Dorothy and Rolin) are going to get together”, “I liked Alanna and Max. So cute.”  And after reading Beholden to None, “Where’s the next one? I want to keep reading!”  Pam commented that it was surreal hearing these readers talk as if they knew our characters!

Super encouragement for Jamie Tremain, to say the least!

And to you, dear readers – we are always looking for reviews. If you are interested in having your review included as an acknowledgements in upcoming book releases, please drop us a line at

So we’ve returned, invigorated with new ideas and motivation. Along with anticipation of another retreat planned for late August, with the other members of our Genre5 group. We will have so much to catch up on. We’ve relied on regular video get togethers over the last 18 months, so what a thrill and joy it will be to actually spend time together in person!

 Right, and I mentioned a contest, didn’t I?


What Is This???

If you can correctly identify the object from these clues, and are the first to let us know, then we will send you a signed copy of Beholden to None.  Email us at before August 13 2021. Winner will be announced the following week.  **Note, I know one person who will be sure to identify this, unfortunately she won't be eligible for the prize!

I'd better turn my hand now to making sense of the notes and manuscript revision we took before Pam asks! I think Jamie Tremain will be busy over the next few weeks.

Here's to a safe and healthy August - Cheers!




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