Sunday, January 18, 2015

Killer Authors

Introducing the Killer Authors Writing Group

Jamie Tremain (Pam and I) spent a most enjoyable day yesterday with author Gloria Ferris (Cheat the Hangman, Corpse Flower), Donna Warner, and Donna Houghton as we had our first meeting. An informal writing group, we’ll get together about every three months to share writing tips, commiserate on the snail’s pace writing and publishing often takes, and regale each other with humorous – often gut-splitting – tales.  Not always writing related!

Liz, Pam, Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris and in front Donna Houghton

Donna Warner and Gloria have collaborated and written “Targeted” – the start of  a new mystery series set to debut later this year, and the sequel Gloria’s Corpse Flower is Shroud of Roses – also available July 2015.

So these busy and successful writers have lots to share about their experiences as published authors and Jamie Tremain is eager to learn.  Donna Houghton writes YA Fantasy and is on the same path as Jamie Tremain – writing, but not yet published.  Stay tuned for updates and book launches!

Yesterday was a welcome bright spot in an otherwise dreary January.  Gloria graciously hosted and Donna W provided a scrumptious lunch, with Pam’s sinful offering of a decadent trifle as desert.

In between eating and laughter, we discussed ‘weasel words’ – those overused words writers often become blind to within their manuscripts.  Donna W also shared some tips on word repetition and provided a helpful link for Descriptive Adjectives .

Another useful tip we’ve learned is how to have Adobe read back a manuscript – invaluable to have another ‘voice’ do the reading and help catch repeated words or structure that doesn’t make sense.

But above all, for me, the day provided a writing boost.  Pam and I are in the beginning phases of our fourth story, a sequel to Body Perfect – now renamed The Silk Shroud – and are excited to put on the writing hat again. Creating characters, outlining the plot and seeing the story take shape are what we love.

Here’s to much success for all writers in 2015.

And don't forget the upcoming interview with Eva Gates - aka Vicki Delany later this month.



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Gloria Ferris said...

It was indeed a fun and informative day. Writers at every level need the support of their peers. Looking forward to the next Killer Authors "meeting"!

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