Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweaters and Scarves and the Furnace Oh My!

Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada and the weather truly feels like Autumn.  This past week I've enjoyed my westerly drive along the 401 because the colours of the trees on both sides of the highway just past Milton have been truly magnificent. So vibrant this year, with the late afternoon sun bathing the hills in the glorious Canadian sunshine of Fall that will too soon give way to gloomy and wintry drives home.   Widespread heavy frost is in the forecast for tonight and the skies today have been heavy with dark clouds that gave way to a small downpour.  Tis the weekend for turkey, ham and pumpkin pie and gathering of friends and family.  Thankful?  Yes indeed, to live in this beautiful country and enjoy freedoms and bounty denied to many around the world. 

Heavier sweaters and scarves have begun to be part of the wardrobe this week as well, and the furnace has been called to duty a time or two this weekend.  One of the reasons I love this country is to have distinct changes to the seasons.   This afternoon it was a treat to snuggle under a comforter and finish reading R.J. Harlick’s “A Green Place for Dying”. Set in the wilderness of Western Quebec it’s a very good tale that the author uses to highlight the all too real serious and sad problem of missing aboriginal women. Woven into the mystery are well written descriptions and insights into native traditions.  A really good read that I’d highly recommend.

Next on my list to read is Vicki Delany’s latest “More ThanSorrow”. (see Pam’s last post below)  I'm especially eager to read this as it centres around United Empire Loyalist refugees from the American Revolution of 1784 – stock from whom I'm descended on my father’s side of the family.

At work I always keep a book in my desk drawer for those times when I lunch by myself.  Well this time I made a mistake in my choice of reading material.  "Damaged", by Pamela Callow was definitely the wrong story to bring to work because I didn't want to put it down! It’s an engrossing thriller and may be the only thing that makes me want to get back to work on Tuesday!   In fact I have the other Pam to blame for not being able to finish it this past Friday as planned.  She decided to pop in and meet me for lunch that day and introduce me to her friend Glynis who is visiting from Scotland.

And as for Jamie Tremain – we're still doing some minor revising and tweaking on the latest draft – our goal is to be finished by December 1.  We decided on a deadline date if for no other reason than we will never be done tinkering if we don’t stop!   The ongoing challenge for me is always time, although Pam will bemoan the fact that she seems even busier now in her days of retirement than when she was working.  My own after-work schedule is busy for the next few weeks; I've been seeing a chiropractor three nights a week and I'm also trying to be faithful to Tuesday and Thursday nights walking the indoor track at our local ‘Y’.   Soon the chiropractor visits will reduce though and that will free up my hours after work to devote to Jamie Tremain business.

As I glance out my window at the grey skies it feels like a very good time to make a cup of tea – so I’ll leave you with best wishes for a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!


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