Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Do You Spell Relief?

My favourite topic of complaint – heat and humidity – will now perhaps lessen somewhat.  I’m sitting next to a newly installed portable AC unit and am enjoying the sensation of cool air filtering across the room.  Bliss!   Perhaps tonight I will finally enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep? With the upcoming long range forecast of humidity readings in the mid to high 30’s and beyond,  this reprieve is much needed.

It has been a very busy week at work; demands of the day leading to exhaustion by the time the commute was done.  My massage therapist commented that my shoulders hadn’t been so knotted in a long time.

I’m making progress on Draft Two revision of Body Perfect (ready to start Chapter 18).  Pam and I had been hoping that I could wrap it up before she leaves work in two weeks.  She has “connections” with our building’s printing department and has managed to get some good deals on photocopying and binding manuscripts.  With that goal slipping away, I suggested yesterday that if the printing doesn’t get done before month end, it would make a good excuse for her to meet me for lunch one weekday and then put in a print order.

As well, this past week I have been asked by not one, but two, friends to have a look at their writing projects.  One friend’s book is ready to publish but she would like me to review some sections first.  And another good friend is currently writing a book based on her life and past experiences.   So I said I would have a look at it as she goes along.   But for both friends, I have promised not much will be done before the end of this month.

I enjoyed a very nice evening last night with friends; home cooked lasagne and pie for dessert went down well, as did comfortable conversations.   A great way to end a stressful week.

But now I feel the sleepless night and today’s shopping trip catching up with me – time for my favourite Saturday afternoon activity; curling up with a good book and allowing myself the luxury to nap if it overtakes me.

So how do I spell relief?

A I R   C O N D I T I O N I N G!



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