Sunday, October 27, 2013

I’m not a happy camper...

Five days without a computer is sheer agony. Never thought I would see the day that I would utter those words.  After putting up with the long wait to boot it up in the morning and even longer to shut down, my husband was fed up with my moans and bad language so suggested maybe it needed an overhaul. 

I dropped it off at the local techi guy and was told, 50 dollars for a ‘diagnostic’.  I agreed and made it quite clear I needed it back ASAP.  More moans and swearing from me when I could not reach them and no one called. That was an easy 50 bucks. Friday afternoon the said techi guy called to say he found two small virus, and he sent them to wherever virus’s go. The rest of his diagnostic prescription was...Don’t spend any money on it, and you should consider buying a new one. Hmmm,  Do you think they sell them in that shop?

Yes, you have it right. I know nothing about the one thing that makes my writing life so much easier. I even had to use the, gasp, telephone to let Liz know I was incommunicado.  She had figured it out.
When I did get back online I had 160 emails and loads of FB notices. Writing had ground to a halt.

All going well you will be able to read an interview with the always charming Anthony Bidulka, the author of the Russell Quant Series and now his newest offering with Adam Saint. “When the Saints Go Marching In” Published by

So I will continue to moan and swear until I decide to buy another laptop. Your input is needed. Do I stay with Microsoft or get a Mac/Apple? And why?

That’s your homework for today!


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