Monday, September 16, 2013

And How was YOUR Monday?

Mine started out normally – that is, I really didn't want to get up.  Stayed up a little later than usual Sunday evening in order to watch the première of Louise Penny’s “Still Life”.  Quite enjoyed it, although it’s always a challenge to condense a book with multi-faceted characters into a set time limit.  And I think the Quebec atmosphere was downplayed somewhat, perhaps for future consideration to the American market.  The setting could pass for New England, but was filmed in Quebec, which is where the story plays out.   Loved Inspector Gamache, played by Nathaniel Parker and hope that there will be subsequent episodes based on the rest of the Gamache/Three Pines series.

Back to Monday morning.  Left at the usual time, and began my 40 minute or so trip to work.  Hadn’t gone but five minutes when my car started chugging and no amount of pressure on the accelerator would get it going beyond a crawl.   This as I’m entering a fast paced express-way!  With hazards flashing I managed to creep to the next exit and limp my baby back home.  Nerve wracking with other commuters buzzing past and I’m sure muttering a few comments at my turtle pace.

She’s now been towed to my local garage, where I received the verdict about an hour ago.  Because I’d googled  for the meaning of the dashboard warning light I wasn’t surprised to learn I need a new throttle assembly, along with a fistful of dollars!  Make that a trunkload of dollars.   Now I wait to see if a) the part is available today, and b) if it can be repaired today.   Yes, a day off is nice, but this is not the way I would have chosen it.   I’ll be making up lost hours for the time over the next week or so as well.  

However I’m very grateful this didn’t happen right on the 401 Highway, or at the end of the day coming home. So there’s always a somewhat of a bright side I suppose.   And while I’m waiting for an update on my car I can spend some time reading.  Right now, I’m enjoying Barbara Fradkin’s  “The Whisper of Legends”.

Last Monday’s work day ended with a gas leak in my neighbourhood, here’s hoping by the end of today, THIS Monday will have settled into something resembling normal!



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