Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mid July Weekend

Tools of the Trade

Another very productive writing day for Jamie Tremain.  Pam arrived right on the dot at 9:30.  After a few minutes spent catching up over the first coffee of the day, we got down to it.  Being able to sit outside and work made the day that much more enjoyable and perhaps even contributed to the amount of work we covered.  I think this was probably one of our most successful days in a long time.  We’re excited to be working on a new project, building characters and a back story before we actually start writing.   We’re hoping to spend a day at a nearby ********* farm for some research – don’t want to give away the type of farming activities yet   :-)

We also discussed our upcoming weekend away in a few weeks to Scene of the Crime on Wolfe Island and are excited to be going.  It means a trek east across Toronto late on a Friday afternoon, but we plan on bypassing the 401 and using the 407 – I’d rather pay a toll than be sitting in stop and go traffic for hours.  The day promises to be full of interesting and fun activities!

A Light Summer Lunch to Keep Us Going

Later this week I’ll be spending a couple of days with my daughter as she recovers from some surgery – hope she doesn't mind that I bring my netbook to be working on JT business for some of the time.  But it will be nice to have that time with her – probably not since she was still living at home.  Time speeds by and opportunities to be together don’t come up very often.  Looking ahead to the weather forecast for this week, I'm very happy she has air conditioning!

Pam and I have now realized the advantage of Google docs!  We’d been using Google Drive for a while to store our shared documents, but only recently discovered its ability to edit in real time when we’re both online.  Terrific tool for us when we do our collaborating electronically – just another reason to love Google.

Stay cool, read a book, and come back tomorrow for Pam’s interview with R.J. (Robin) Harlick – you won’t want to miss it!



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