Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Birthday Canada – 146 Years Young Today

I can think of no other country I’d rather live.  Proud to be a Canadian and even more proud to say so!

The Centennial celebrations of 1967 I remember like it was yesterday.  Not quite a teenager, I didn't have the insight to appreciate what living in this beautiful country means and why others from around the world flock to our land.  Which, of course, can apply to the United States as well – early wishes for a spectacular and heart felt 4th of July for my friends south of the border as well.  But I think there is something special and unique about this amazing land we live in and while it seems we have been a little more reticent about displaying our national pride publicly, it’s always been there.   

Yesterday I had to make a quick stop at a local grocery store and was tickled to see the display in their front entrance.  Made me smile because its one of those quiet, no fan-fare efforts that deepens my sense of being Canadian.  Kudos to Zehrs!   I'm so pleased to see we are becoming more visual and vocal about showing our love for this land!

Last year celebrated the war of 1812 and a pivotal event in that conflict was celebrated a few days ago on June 22 – the historic walk of Laura Secord in 1813.  I mention it because an early foray into my family’s genealogy indicated a familial connection on my father’s side.  Proud?  You bet – and nothing personal to my many online American ‘cousins’.   History shapes our present and today Canada and America are countries with much in common.  Yes, we've had, and have, our differences but still manage to maintain a heritage of shared victories and sense of purpose.   Again my pride in Canada overflows when we are quick to respond to tragedies south of the border.  A helping hand we will always lend – despite politics or grievances.

Did I mention freedoms?  My father fought in WWII, not hesitating to stand for his country of birth.  The older I get the more I appreciate the sacrifices his generation made for us.   And when I'm apt to complain about this or that, sometimes I pause to reflect that it is a gift we've been given to be able to express ourselves in pretty much any manner that suits us – because of what others have sacrificed for us. Never take it for granted.

And while I know this country has its flaws and is far from perfect, I wouldn't trade living here for anywhere else.  I love the United States and have travelled a fair bit through the eastern States, and my roots will always belong to England where my mother’s family came from – but Canada is my HOME – long may she reign as a beacon of fairness, and a haven of security to the rest of the world.

God Bless Canada!

Happy Canada Day and cheers!



Michele Paterson said...

Well said...!

Pam said...

I second that. Nicely put Liz.

Pam said...

I second that. Nicely put Liz.