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Friday, March 1, 2013

Confessions of a Mall Walker

I said mall walker not the other kind!

I was reluctant to join the 50-100 age group that religiously walk indoors at the local mall, either by the orders of their doctors for the betterment of their health or because they like the company.
Since retiring 18months ago I was increasingly sedentary. If I was not parked at the computer writing I was sitting by the fire reading, knitting or watching television. Occasionally I do some dusting! I decided to start the New Year by getting back to walking for fun and relaxation; don’t forget health as according to the old adage.. you gotta use or lose it.

I have done my share of power walking. I trained at the local sports store and completed two half marathons about seven years ago. I was flat and fit and had loads of energy.  Then it was winter. I really do not like cold and snow. The gym has no appeal for me so my friend Michele and I have started with the oldies walking three mornings a week.

What’s not to like? Its 7:30 am and -13degrees, -22 with the wind chill outside. Inside the temperature is controlled and a skylight overhead. Michele and I solve the problems of the world as we chat and check the shop windows for the new spring fashions. We’re not breaking records on the measured path. We walk two miles and when the lure of coffee reaches us we head to Tim Horton’s for coffee and my favourite, oatmeal and berries. 

So it’s all good. I’m not back to my fighting weight but come spring and we start to walk outside we can crank it up a notch and walk further. In the meantime my new boyfriends ; the ones that say good morning to me every time we pass them going in the opposite direction, well, do their wives know they’re out?

Loads of new books are launching this spring. When I pick them up to read I will give a short review. I’ve just finished Lincoln and Child’s ‘Fever Dream’. WOW! Thrillers are new to me, and the tension is palpable. The next in the series I’ve just started; ‘Cold Vengeance’ preferably read in order.

Liz and I are working on a short story to be entered in a contest for ‘Scene of the Crime’ festival on Wolfe Island in August. We are really looking forward to attending this event. This contest is part of their program so we’ll keep you posted.

Talk soon,

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