Sunday, January 6, 2013

Belated Happy New Year

The Christmas season is now finally over for yours truly.  One last family get together yesterday at my sister’s lovely new home in Oakville.  A chance for this side of the family to gather and exchange gifts and a whole lot of food.  Hor d’ouevres and snackie food to start.  Later followed by a non-traditional holiday meal, it was pure comfort food!  Baked macaroni and cheese, some meatballs and salads.  All so delicious and set out buffet style.  Pies and brownies were among the finishing touches with coffee and eggnog.

Two of the grandchildren brought along their new Furbys.  Made for some interesting conversation among the adults and one of the resident cats didn't quite know what to make of them. A lot of Furbish dialogue between the two toys only made sense to them.  The better discovery of the day was learning my granddaughter appears to be a budding chess player, and she’s not eight years old yet.

Also now coming to an end are the recent shortened work weeks – not sure how I’ll cope with a full week as of tomorrow.  No doubt the traffic volumes will be back to their usual capacity.  The past two weeks have been so enjoyable with very light traffic, but all good things…….

Speaking of good things – unlike Pam I'm thoroughly enjoying a new Tassimo.  Last month I had the good fortune to win one at our work Christmas luncheon.  Experimenting with different styles of coffee and hot chocolates; its only limitation in my opinion is tea.  Nothing beats a good pot of tea made with freshly boiling water and being allowed to steep.  Just can’t duplicate that with an instant coffee machine.  The kitchen table is currently doubling as a T-disc dispensary, with a multitude of different coffees to choose from while the novelty is new.

Another highlight, for me, over the past month was taking in the première of “The Hobbit” with my oldest son.  He and I share a great love for Tolkien’s work, as well as all things Star Trek – the next film coming in May by the way.  It’s become tradition for the two of us to take in new releases at the cinemas whenever possible.

As Pam mentioned ‘Jamie Tremain’ plans a get together later this month on a Saturday to brainstorm ideas for book number three.  We are excited to start something fresh.  At the same time Body Perfect will be set loose now upon publishers and/or agents in the hopes of finding the right connection for us.  I've been using my excel skills to create spreadsheets for keeping track of resources, potential agents, our favourite authors and other useful information to store all in one place.  Keeping it revised and current is now much easier than hunting for a multitude of different files.  A fresh start for 2013.

Hoping that all of your fresh start resolutions are manageable and that 2013 brings you all good things and success in your endeavours.


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