Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labour Day Weekend

Or as we usually think of it...the end of summer!

Never mind January 1, I still find myself in a New Year frame of mind when Labour Day rolls around again. Who knew those few years spent in the school system would leave such a lasting impression? So its more than appropriate that I find myself ready, and even somewhat anxious, to get back in the writing mode again.   As Pam mentioned we took a short breather - at my request.  So feeling refreshed, and with a new sense of purpose I feel more in the write frame of mind than a few weeks ago.

Yesterday found me strolling around the Paris (Ontario) Fairgrounds.  Love watching the horses – such beautiful noble creatures.  Wandered around a display of poultry for a while.  Wow, I never realized the diversity and size of chickens which abound.  I have to admit not being able to distinguish a Bantam from a Leghorn, but certainly admired the display of size and feather colourings.  The clucking and crowing was non-stop – and then the fowl started up as well.  Ducks and geese were also on view.  And that other mainstay of agricultural fairs – the crafts and homemade foods and preserves, along with an assortment of unique vegetables rounded out the displays.  The Fair looked to be well attended, no doubt the beautiful sunny day helped.

My sister and her husband have made the move from downtown Toronto to Oakville which makes me happy and more inclined to go for visits.  I’ll drive any highway, but downtown Toronto makes me shudder!  Their new location is an easy stop on the way home from work and not far from where Pam lives.  Pam and I are planning to take her with us to Vicki Delany’s book launch – More Than Sorrow -  later this month in Oakville as well.

This weekend also means the good news learned of an old friend moving into the neighbourhood.  I was delighted to learn (through Facebook – where else?) that a former co-worker and friend whom I’d lost touch with several years ago is moving into the complex where I live.  Welcome to the neighbourhood, Lori!   I'm looking forward to hooking up with her and catch up on what’s been happening with our lives over the past years.  We used to attend a reading group together as well and share a love of reading.

Earlier this month I consulted with my doctor over concerns that I’ve had with my sleeping, or lack of.  Tired of being tired, and based on comments from those who’ve heard – or been subjected to - my sleeping, I decided it was time to see if I’ve got a sleep disorder.  So an evening with the sleep clinic has been arranged and I’ll give your more details on that after it’s done.  Pam, there’s hope yet that I may regain energy to pick up the pace on writing J

So that’s what’s been happening with this half of Jamie Tremain.  Did some revising earlier today and sent to Pam for review – I’ve made a commitment to Pam (and myself) for a minimum time spent on writing throughout the week.  But for now, it’s time to enjoy the remainder of this Labour Day weekend.


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