Friday, March 16, 2012

To Hell with the Windows!

Amazed as we all are the early spring; 16-19 degrees and brilliant sunshine, the pessimist in me balks at the mess the garden is in and how dirty the windows are showing up. Do I get out the chamois and clean or wait until we have another down pour? Do I rake last fall’s leaves that are stuck around the roots of the bushes or just hope that a good strong wind will come and blow them away?

I think I answered my own questions. I lean toward the wait and see even though my daffs and grape hyacinth are peeking through and the forsythia is budding. In Canada we traditionally still get a frost in May. Planting of summer annuals are on hold until after the Victoria Day week-end. Yes, we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday here in Canada.

Glad I got that decision out of the way! This week is the March break and the kids are out of school. One grandson is in the Dominican Republic with a group from his school staying at a mission and helping build houses. Great experience for him and we are so proud of him. Westyn is thirteen. Riley the oldest is sixteen and his cousin Aidan is nine. My husband and I took them to the Royal Ontario Museum for the day and the old folks are still recovering. I have shin splints from all the walking and I have witnessed grandad hobbling a bit although he would never admit to it. The ROM building is a wonderful blend of old and new architecture. I have not been there for thirty years and with all the interactive exhibits, this is not the stuffy museum of old.

Another grandson Damian who is six is at day camp and three year old Ryan has stayed in daycare while Mum and Dad do some furniture moves and decorating. Everyone is healthy and happy. How lucky we are.

Liz and I met yesterday to update some paperwork. Then we arranged to meet for the day next Saturday to finish the manuscript to enter a contest. We also threw around some ideas for the next book. This is the exciting part when we start to put it all together.

Birthday greeting are in order to my writing partner this w/e along with two of her grandkids. I think we should have a Jamie Tremain convention or at least a picnic as there are so many of us.

I’m off to the pharmacy for allergy meds now that the trees are budding. Do some mailing at the post office and then the book store. A chair in the sun has my name on it so I will enjoy this freaky weather while it lasts. To hell with the windows!

Happy Birthday Liz.



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Liz said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes partner! Perhaps the birthday celebration this March will include a barbecue! I agree with your wait and see attitude - the procrastinator in me is alive and well and becomes more entrenched with each passing birthday.
See you next week.