Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Hard Day's Work

Finally, Pam and I had a full day together for writing and other catch up time today.  She arrived just before 9:30 and with less than an hour’s break for lunch, we kept working until almost 5:00!   Believe it or not, we only managed to complete two full chapters.  Thorough is as thorough does I suppose.  It may have only been two chapters, but we packed a lot of changes and corrections into them.  She has already reviewed the next ten chapters or so, and now I need to work through and make changes she has noted.   Is there no end to revising?   Don’t answer that!

As noted earlier I took the long weekend off – thank goodness for our fairly ‘new’ holiday in February – Family Day -  and did some sight seeing in Toronto.  It made a nice break and change of scenery.  The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) was packed on Sunday, not so much there for the little ones to be interested in, but the Science Centre was a different story. Lots of ‘hands-on’ activities for them.   A birds of prey exhibit with magnificent live birds was quite interesting.  Turkey Vulture trivia – their mode of defence?  Projectile vomiting!  Or as the handler stated, “I’d rather be sprayed by a skunk”.  

An Imax film was playing  at the Centre – Tornado Alley.  Boy, talk about being the middle of a storm..wondered at times if the chairs would lift right off the floor!  Incredible film footage of nature at its most violent and unforgiving.

Yesterday I helped my son set up his own blog for movie reviews.  "UNeducated, UNexperienced,  UNestablished - Movies Reviewed Anyways"   A passion of his, he is now excited to see his opinions online and I wish him reels of success!

Tomorrow I need to tackle a long delayed chore – reorganizing closets and drawers.  Perhaps a burst of spring cleaning is in the air?  And then Friday I plan to devote entirely to Body Perfect.

The weekend is reserved for a sleepover with two of my grandsons – fun and energy will be the order of the day! 

So I’m grateful Pam and I had today because you can see how easily the days are filled.  We didn’t schedule another day but surely one won’t be too far in the future.  By then we should be closer to being ready for submission – keep your fingers crossed.


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