Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No MUSE at 5.30am!

Liz and I have made headway with the changes that we decided must be made before we look for a publisher. We each wrote the opening chapter, or at least the first scene and we seem to be on the same page. Not quite in agreement with the new names of our protagonists but we are agreeing to disagree. Just like any partnership compromise is necessary.

What does happen is like a game of dominoes. Shift one tile or sentence in this case, and things start tumbling. Nothing world shattering and can be fixed. These changes will make the story stronger. So, we are still a work in progress.

Searching for a publisher when all I see on most Websites are, we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time. can be very frustrating. Jamie Tremain and thousands of others. Perseverance is my middle name so I will keep searching.

Researching yesterday for some information on the place our book is set; I came across some gold nuggets. It was just the thing to add to a chapter near the end and now it makes more sense. Love when that happens.

My partner in crime writing is so busy at work I have not heard a peep from her today except for corrections she wrote at 5.36am this morning. You really do have to just write when the MUSE is with you or you have a few minutes to spare. My MUSE never visits at 5.30am!

I have decided to visit friends in snowmobile country this w/e. Not sure they have enough snow but just need to escape for a couple of days. Lake Huron here I come. I will take my travel drive with me and bang out a few more paragraphs while I am there.

Keep warm wherever you are. Spring is just around the corner.



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