Monday, December 5, 2011

That Feels Better!

No work until December 12; no alarm clock and no lunch to pack.  No competing with aggressive 18-wheelers on the highway, or ignorant 4-wheelers either.   My last few vacation days of the year are now here.

Don’t be misled – there are quite a few items on my ‘to do’ list for these days.  Dentist and Doctor appointments and Christmas shopping.  Ideally I hope to have the shopping all wrapped up tomorrow.   Oh, and some reading.   Currently I have three books on the go.

Here at home I’m reading “The Help”, borrowed from a co-worker and want to be able to return it to her on Monday.  Enjoying it very much and want to finish reading it before watching the movie.  Also, I’m nearly at the end of “Scarpetta” – Patricia Cornwell is one of my favourite authors and while this one took a little longer to get into than normal, I’m loathe to put it down now.    At work, I always keep a book in my desk drawer, for those lunch times when I find I’m on my own.  For now I’m reading my first Jodi Picoult –" Nineteen Minutes".  I’m taken with her writing and the topic is so timely – I’d highly recommend it.

Pam finishes up with her writing class this week I believe. We are both very much looking forward to the New Year and focusing on getting back in our own world of writing.  She has brought some good insight and techniques learned from the class from which we will both be able to benefit.  We have tentatively scheduled a full day of writing soon after the New Year. 

Next week begins a round of get togethers and luncheons marking the Christmas season.  And as the time gets closer to Christmas more and more staff will be on vacation, which equals  fewer problems to deal with for yours truly!   The Food and Toy drive as mentioned earlier is in full swing and we are optimistic to more than surpass our goal from last year.

As well today marked my meeting with my manager for the final year end review of accomplishments, challenges and everything in between at work.  The rating given on the review affects any year end bonus and so it is eagerly anticipated by all; a necessary evil for a well earned reward.  But now it starts all over again for 2012 – oh may there be a book deal in the works for Pam and I! 

And now its time to relax as the evening winds down and I’ll put away my list of what needs doing for now.....tomorrow is another day.



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