Monday, August 22, 2011

Where oh Where is the Other Half??

I am enjoying a week away from work, although for the first 2 hours of this day I have probably worked harder than a week at work!  Its that physical vs mental thing.   Two loads of laundry in the works and I’ve been scrubbing and cleaning the basement floor.  The kind of job you never seem to have time for otherwise, because, really…do I want to do that on a Saturday?  I think not.   Putting a load of discarded and broken odds and ends together for a trip to the dump will also help make the space cleaner and fresher.

Now back to my initial question – it seems Ms Blance is adapting to the retirement clock quite nicely; although she claims she has been busy organizing closets and desk etc.   She can have the rest of August “off”, but hopefully we will have a blog update from her soon as I’m sure she will have some news or other to update us with.   Come September though, she has promised to adopt a schedule for her Monday to Friday week. 

Its delightful to have windows open today as well, the sky is crystal blue and the air is fresh.  Dare I say it, but a hint of autumn not that far away is on the breeze.  Already some trees have begun to show tinges of orange and yellow.  Others have not fared so well with the dry and hot conditions of July and are showing the stress.

Tomorrow will see me drop my car off at my local garage to see if they can determine where water is leaking in from; after heavy rains the carpet under my driver's side and behind me in the back are often soaking wet. And no, I didn’t leave a window down by accident.  So they can poke around in there for the day and see if they can uncover the mystery.     As you can see, a week away from work leaves room for all manner of excitement.  Should I bump up the sarcasm?

Whatever your week brings you, I hope its all good.  And perhaps the week will also bring a blog update from my writing partner in crime.


ps...I had just posted this and then learned of Jack Layton's passing; I am so very sorry to hear he has lost his battle with cancer and extend my prayers and sympathies to his family.

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