Monday, July 25, 2011

The Tea Party!

This past week the big topics of conversation in my world have been, “Can it get any hotter?” and “What are you going to do with yourself when you no longer have to drag yourself into work every day”?

The answer to the first question was “Yes it can” as the temperatures rose to 38 degrees and the humidity was brutal. Liz’s air conditioning was put to the test and so was our disposition. We have a small break in the temps today and tomorrow and then it will creep back up.

The answer to the next question is.......”I really don’t know”. Sort of. This last month has been crazy busy transferring over duties at work and it seems like every time I turned around there was another celebration. At my 10th Anniversary with the bank we had a luncheon, a dear friend had her 95th birthday, and my son turned 40. When I thought I could not take any more partying I had a wonderful surprise from all my co-workers. A Tea Party.

I was taken completely by surprise as Liz and friends at work had spent months arranging a super retirement party with my husband and grandson in attendance. What a wonderful event they planned. Great food, flowers on the tables, lots of pressies for yours truly, plus a straw hat with flowers. I will try and add a picture of this wonderful sight!! What an amazing bunch of colleagues. So maybe I will stay..... No just joking. I will miss their friendship but it is time to do something else. I hope that something else will be for Liz and I to get our books published.

Writing the blog is such fun but I know it is a hit and miss affair with me but I will change my ways soon.

This week I am just tying up loose ends and saying my goodbyes. It’s sad to leave but I am looking forward to the future with time to try new things and spend time with my family.

My next blog will be as a newly retired person and the start of my new life.
I am entitled to wear the Hay tartan as my mother was a Hay. Their Motto on the clan crest is Hay Clan Motto: Serva Jugum (Keep the yoke). As of Friday I am giving up the yoke.



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Liz said...

Pam...never doubt for a second that you will be very much missed at work; I know it just won't be the same without you :-(

I wish you all the best and and look forward to the time opening up for writing success!

Love, always