Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Happy May 1!

A beautiful day yesterday – sunny and dry!   Bit of a breeze though.  A great day to get the front yard cleaned up and think about some minor landscaping. But exhausting work, which just underscores being out of shape..grrrrrr!

I did manage to make a stab at Body Perfect and intend to get back to it after posting this – really, I do!

And well deserved congratulations to Louise Penny on winning the Agatha for Best Novel at this year’s  Malice Domestic!

Today the weather is less promising, not much sun and rain (gee what a surprise) in the forecast for later and overnight.

Being a very early riser for work, I managed to watch a good portion of the Royal Wedding on Friday.  I delayed my commute by about fifteen minutes in order to see Kate arrive at the Abbey.  Fortunately there must have been quite a few Royal watchers that morning because the traffic was much lighter and even though I delayed my start I managed to arrive at pretty much my regular time.  Thanks to Rogers On Demand, I could then catch up on all that I had missed later that day.   I can only hope that William and Kate enjoy a happier life than Charles and Dianna.

One of my little squirrel friends is gnawing away at the garden gate and with the window open I can hear how industrious he is being.  One way of getting some fibre in his diet I suppose – I’m glad I have other options available in my diet!

And back to spring cleaning; another task accomplished this morning.  Perhaps not as physical but no less challenging.  My inbox!   Slacker that I am, I let it accumulate into the hundreds but have now cleared it down to only 10 items.   The rest were either deleted or filed in their appropriate folders.  Cleaning up the sent folders and then finally deleting the deletes will make my weekly back up a little quicker I’m sure! 

Amazing how accomplishing one or two tasks can help you feel more organized and content – well at least until tomorrow!


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