Saturday, February 12, 2011

"This and That"

Thanks to Liz for the “new look” to the Jamie Tremain blog. It looks fresh and new and I hope we can justify it with the content. My sister Caroline has lamented that the word search was missing and I hope Liz attaches it back on for those who like to test their vocabulary. And of course that is what this is all about. Stringing together words and making some sense of them. Creating stories that you hope others will enjoy.

Liz and I will be meeting again in a few weeks to revise a few more chapters. It is a slow process but that’s the way it has to be. It’s my turn to go to Guelph and bring the treats for nibbling as we read and revise and get on the same page about the story. Sometimes we jump ahead of ourselves and can see where they (Dorothy and Paul) might go in the next book. Well, we have to get this one published first and then we can plot the next.

I promised myself I would not do this but...... the countdown to my retirement is 5 1/2 months. Goodbye corporate world with deadlines and productivity reports. Punctuality is not my strong suite so I relish the thought of just doing my own thing when and if I want. I have stopped wearing a watch. If I want to know the time there are clocks everywhere. I will eat when I am hungry and stay up after 9.30-10pm bedtime that I now need to get to work. That’s the plan. I look forward to writing during the day and going for long car rides that my husband and I enjoy. I want to spend more time with my grandsons but we will see about that as four of them will be here next weekend. I may change my mind!

The rest of today I will be writing the short story for our “Challenge”. You can find Liz’s at Jamietremainrememberthename FB page. I will forward my article to Liz to upload as I might sent it into cyberspace. I did one last month called “My love affair with the needles....and yarn”. Nobody dies, but I hope you enjoy the story anyway.

We are not going to “Bloody Words” conference this year as it is in Victoria, BC. Once we start to make some money... is that possible.. we will travel again. There are lots of festivals close by that we can attend so that will suffice. The Elora Writers Festival and Eden Mills to name but a few. I will publish more details nearer the time.
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