Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Look

As you can see I've been busy. 

Pam commented the other day that the blog needed to be freshened up. But why on earth did I decide that 10:00 pm last night was a good time to start making changes!   Frustration became the order of the hour - I found a template that I liked but it didn't work with the layout of info we currently have.  So, for now, this new look will suffice.   She is away this weekend and may not see these changes until later today.  Stay tuned for more changes!

Well winter continues to surprise us here in south western Ontario.  The monster storm forecast for last Wednesday (remember my vacation day?) came and went.  And while it did cause some disruption, the amount of white stuff that covered the ground was less than predicted.  Now take yesterday...the morning started out with bright blue sunny skies and the sun's heat was quite noticeable even through my heavy winter coat.  In the forecast?  Maybe one centimeter by day's end.

Hmph!  By 2 pm the sky had clouded over and reports of a major dump of snow to the south of us was being forecast.  At 4 pm, a curtain of heavy, visibility inducing, snow began to fall quite rapidly and stayed that way for almost the next 6 hours. is the 15 - 30 centimetres predicted - just a few days late!   Its very pretty out there right now, but if I'm smart I'll get out and clean off the car before the work day tomorrow.  We Canadians certainly have to be flexible when it comes to our weather!

On another note, Pam and I were challenged this week to write one short story a month.  Great idea!  So we both started with the opening line, "Someone has to make a decision."    Not sure if Pam has done hers, but I finished mine yesterday.   And for those interested, its posted on our facebook site - JamieTremainRememberTheName

And now I'm getting ready for a visit from my daughter who promises to arrive with Tim Horton's coffee in hand - a great way to get this wintery day started.

Have a great day - whether you are busy or not.



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