Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pillars of the Earth

Canadian weather – go figure.  Yesterday I left for work with the temperature at a frigid -22 c – and that’s without the wind-chill factor.   Today?  I drove home in pouring rain!  No wonder we love to talk about it so much.

Last year I mentioned that I had read Ken Follett’s  “The Pillars of the Earth”.  What an exquisite story, one I didn’t want to end (and no, I haven’t yet read the sequel) and so I was quite excited to learn a movie was in production.  The mini-series aired here about three weeks ago, an hour at a time.  So far I am enjoying it very much – except (you knew that had to be coming didn’t you?) that it really seems rushed.  No doubt in an effort to pare down a lengthy novel into the time frame required something has to be sacrificed.    Ian McShane as Waleran is well played.  Although I envisioned a stockier Tom Builder, Rufus Sewell fits the bill nicely and is very easy on the eyes!   Episode three airs later this evening (9pm on CBC in my neck of the woods) so I know where I’ll be in a few hours!  Pam is also taking it in and even though she hasn’t read the book, she commented that she also felt it was being hurried along.

So, from a leisurely read which gives you a chance to understand the texture of the story, and what makes the characters tick, to a fast paced piece of visual entertainment – which is better?   Unfortunately with the movie I don’t think we will get a real chance to explore the tapestry and inter-weaving of the characters.  However I will still enjoy the story in this format and if you're a fan of early British history, intrigue, and relationships,  you may want to check it out.

As Pam mentioned we are planning a day of writing this coming Saturday – weather permitting of course.  Hopefully we can be as productive as the last couple of sessions; we are both anxious to get this draft revised, and then do the next round of fine tuning.  Ultimately, there is another story, or two, that needs to be written around Paul and Dorothy, but the temptation to get ahead of ourselves needs to be kept in check.  Stay tuned for further details on how the weekend turns out.

Well, a few more chores beckon before I can settle in for the next instalment of “The Pillars of the Earth”.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons and I’m sure I’ll need at least one cupful to keep me conscious for the episode!  Truly I feel like I am burning the midnight oil at nine pm!

Oh and yes, I must check out the Weather Network to see what’s in store for tomorrow!  One never knows what the day will bring, but at least it’s encouraging to see the days beginning to lengthen.   Whatever the day brings, I’m sure there will be something worthwhile to talk about.



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