Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December First

And of course there is snow on the car this morning; as I write the soft white stuff is gently blanketing the ground with its first winter coat.  Probably won’t last long, but still a foretaste of what is sure to become more abundant!

We received another (very kindly written) rejection note yesterday, but we remain undaunted.  We knew this could be a long process and are not in any way about to give up.  More queries will soon be hitting cyberspace and eventually we will find the right connection.

The Christmas season is upon us – many activities both at work and home are beginning to fill the calendar and so I fear writing, will once again, be taking a back seat.  I mentioned to Pam yesterday that I have taken a week off in February with the thoughts of mild hibernation and devoted writing time.

I enjoyed the company of two of my grandchildren over the weekend – Makenna who is four, and her brother who turned two in August.  It was a sleepover and I had fun with them. Makenna is quite dramatic and creative; her imagination is a wonderful thing to see in process.  During the night she awoke from a nightmare and made her way to my bed; later in the morning she complained, “I don’t like nightmares, Nana.  They are very scary and I’m just a little kid.” This said with arms crossed and bright blue eyes as wide as they could go. 

Max had awoken earlier, wanting mummy and daddy, and so I brought him in to sleep with me.  Why do little ones insist on sleeping sideways?  When Makenna joined us, I found myself sandwiched between the two, soon to be joined by my black fluffy cat, Nitro.  He decided it would be quite fine to sleep spread out over all three of us.  Maybe not so bad, until a hot flash came on with a vengeance!

It was good to be around little ones for a few hours and just observe them, and of course unrequested hugs and kisses were quite welcome too   J

Well, I see the clock ticking towards departure time for work, and I must make some allowance for sloppy road conditions this morning.

Christmas Shopping is on the agenda, again, for this evening.  Oh, and I am working on setting up a website for us; its still in progress, but next blog I will let you have its location and you can check it out.

Enjoy your day – Cheers!


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