Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sloppy and Slothful

I have been looking for a word that describes my state of being today.The best word to describe me is slothful.The dictionary says...disinclined to work...lazy. Yes, that describes me to a tee.
If it was not so late in the day I would have a nap but then I would never sleep tonight.

Gazing out the window onto a perfectly lovely Spring day just being slothful, watching fat squirrels chase each other up and down trees and loads of birds making a racket and fighting, (I think those squirrels got fat on the walnuts I had left over from baking,) My husband fed them over the winter. Cute little rodents but rodents they are. They had better leave my one and only tulip bulb that has just shown up. They have enjoyed the last bulb as I don't intend to plant any more.

I love gardens and flowers but's so much work. My lilac and forsythia are in bud and my perennial beds are sprouting green shoots. Sounds like I know what I am talking about but that is about the extent of my repertoire. I do recognize roses and pansies and such but I am keen to keep planting perennials as they keep coming back for more sunshine every year.

To go along with the slothfulness, I am wearing....what can I say. I have been praying no one comes to the door or have any unexpected visitors as I am not fit for human edification. Hair needs washed and is pinned back, no makeup and the outfit baggy and ill fitting. I had to go out to the post office so I donned my sunglasses to hide behind, well they are huge, and ended up at the bookstore to read a bunch of magazines. Never met a soul I knew and when I checked my fellow shoppers they looked just like me.

Tonight I will get back to reading Body Perfect. I am now on chapter 10 and really enjoying the story. Seeing it with fresh eyes and don't find much I want to change. We will see what Liz thinks when she gets a hold of it.

Tomorrow is another day and I don't suppose the bank would like my sloppy and slothful ways so I had better pull myself together for another week at the mines.

Talk soon.



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